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 Austin Texas based
Brand and portrait photographer



Camille is a portrait and branding photographer based out of Austin, Texas. She works in studio and nature settings. Camille loves working with natural lighting and filling in with artificial lights when needed to enhance the subject. She loves working with women, fashion and nature the most! "there is something about those there elements together that make such a healing, unique, and beautiful image" says Camille. 

Camille has a special gift of helping her clients feel safe during their photo shoots. This is Because of Camilles studies in yoga, reiki, and her natural intuitive ability's. She brings a healing element to her photography. 

Have you ever had your photos taken but you didn't feel comfortable enough to be yourself? Camille is here to help you shine bright, and be fully yourself,  allowing your images to feel authentically to you!  

Camille Graduated with an AAS degree in photography in 2017

in 2o22 She graduated from an online program called The photographers Path

Camille is committed to her craft and will always be growing, learning and changing along the way!

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