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Hey Ladies, I'm so Excited to be bringing events back to you in 2024!   These events are made to help propel you into  your dream life by using meditation, visualization, Frequency tools,   
and  Authentic embodiment in front of the camera. 

1:30 Arrival 
1:45 Doors LOCK (no late entry)
1:45 Opening Circle 
2:00 Visualization Meditation 
2:30 One on one Photography 


We will start with an opening circle and then lead into a visualization attraction meditation to help tap into and align with our future self, calling that energy forward. 


After the meditation each women will get 5 minutes in front of the camera as all the other women hold space and cheer you on. 

This will  be beyond freeing, healing and transformative!

There will also be frequency technology called Healy in the space... more on that later!


When: February 10th 1:30 - 4:00 pm 
Where: The Photography Department 
916 Springdale RD BLDG 4 #107, Austin, TX 78702


What to bring?

*Any props you want to play with such as flowers, crystals, scarf, lip stick... get creative!  

*Be prepared! Make sure you know how long it will take you to get to the studio and give yourself extra time to park and land into the space!

*Water bottle

*Come feed so you can be your most embodied self / bring a light snack

What to wear?

*Lingerie, robe, and or a dress!

*You will only have time for one outfit but you could have on

layers that you slowly take off

*Wear what makes you feel sexy but also comfortable 

*Nude or partial nude is welcomed if you desire

(in a classy way of course)

Meet Your Photographer


Camille is a WOMENS portrait photographer based in austin texas

shooting in Studio + Nature settings 

Camille Captures women exploring sacred femininity and learning new ways to
express and heal it

Embodiment and authenticity
are huge 
for her

She brings in her Reiki and Yoga teacher background into all she does

this opens up a safe container for her clients to fully express themself heal and ignite parts of themself that are ready to be seen and embodied. 


Past  Activations 

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