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Book an Energy Healing Session

What does the session include?


Reiki - Camille is Reiki Master Attuned 

She will be tapping into your energy centers also known as chakras to clear, and release stagnate energy and bring your centers back into balance. This allows your life force energy to move fully and can help bring more creativity, a feeling of grounded energy, activate your throat to speak clearly, open up your heart to love, connect your more clearly to your guide and angels along with so much more!

Healy - Camille works with a frequency balancing tool called Healy. We will be running a scan to get an even deeper analysis of what is going on in your body, mind and soul. 

Intuition - Camille has had strong intuitive ability's her whole life. She allow this to guide her through out the whole session. Each session is unique. And will be exactly what your soul needs at the time.

The session will also include working with crystal, Sound healing, oils and sacred smoke such as palo santo. this is to help setup a ceremonial space for your deeply healing session.



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